About Martin

Marty Hawrysko

Martin has spent his entire life situated in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. Since graduating from Lewis University in 2008, he has made his living as a graphic and web designer with additional work in search engine optimization and various digital marketing projects.

Introduced to web design and computer graphics in high school, Martin became enamored with the bells and whistles of Photoshop, which helped him discover his passion for design. While in college, Martin took an interest in marketing and branding after coming to the realization that overall business development is reliant on thorough strategy beyond fancy logos and graphics. His added interest in technology opened him up to digital marketing and search engine optimization, which he knew would be of great value as he was steered more and more into web design and front-end development.

A life-long passion for Martin has revolved around the broadcast media and journalism, which began as a child when he would obsess over radio station call letters, production sounds and television graphics. His other interests include technology (and the continued evolving of big tech — Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook), traveling and exploring new cities, and his favorite sports teams.

Martin has one wife, one mortgage and an abundance of baseball caps and coffee mugs.