First Post, Take Two

Beginning in college and throughout my 20s, I wrote semi-regularly and maintained what I thought was a decent blog. Writing had provided me a therapeutic outlet for whatever thoughts, ideas or questions rattled within my head.

By the time I turned 30, my work life progressed to a new level that left me with less time or desire to write. Months went by where I didn’t write and I eventually took my blog offline.

Now at 33, I’ve got the itch to write again.

I went back and skimmed through the old blog, which is currently archived offline. While I was aware that I am a much different person at 33 than I was at 23, it really became more evident when looking back at some of those old writings. While I realize it is natural for our views to evolve as we get older, I picked up a vibe from my early 20s self that I’m not too proud. I sort of came across as a wannabe know-it-all.

And for that reason, those old blog posts will stay offline. Perhaps some day, I’ll mature a bit more where I can look back at my 20 year old self and find some sort of humor in it. That day won’t be today though. I do look forward to hopefully getting back to some sort of writing and making this a decent blog.

I just hope that when I do reach 40, I don’t look back on this blog with embarrassment of what I wrote while in my 30s.

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