First Night in Columbus

A few buddies and I ventured to Columbus, OH this past weekend. The trip started early Friday morning when leaving for Cleveland where we would spend the afternoon at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. By the time we arrived in Columbus, it was after 7 p.m. and we hadn’t eaten all day. Having been in the car for the better part of the day, I had suggested we see the town and walk over to the Arena District, an area I remember having several restaurants and bars in close proximity.

I hadn’t realized just how tired I was until we began walking — 20 to 30 minutes from the hotel to the Arena District. By the time we got to the area, it was arounnd 9 and we all were starving. We saw an Irish Pub and were in agreement how that should hit the spot.

We walked in and to our surprise, the place was absolutely empty. Not one patron inside. Something feels off but not enough to suggest we leave. After all, we all were tired and starving We stood near the front while the workers behind the bar kept going about their business. If they saw us, they were doing a fine job pretending that they hadn’t. After a minute or two of waiting, someone finally came by to seat us. After we were seated, about five minutes go by before one of the workers from behind the bar comes our way to ask us what we want to drink. After taking our drink order, we realized we were never given menus. By that point, in the interest of expediting the process, we searched the restaurant on Google and were reading the menu off our phones, while I’m regretting having not suggested we leave while we were waiting to be seated. I didn’t understand how every surrounding place was packed while this place was empty. On top of that, I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw on the menu. I’m not feeling good about this.

Five minutes passed before the waitress came back with our drinks. It’s at this point when an older guy from out of nowhere meets her at our table and immediately apologizes to us. Seemingly embarrassed, he regrets to inform us that the restaurant is closed to the public because they are scheduled to host a private party.

While annoyed, I was also relieved. So relieved in fact that I never bothered to ask the guy why his employees allowed us to wait around for as long as we did if they weren’t supposed to be serving to the public.

As I finish writing this, I just checked to see if they have any online ratings. The one star on Trip Advisor and the two stars on Yelp seems about right.

First Post, Take Two

Beginning in college and throughout my 20s, I wrote semi-regularly and maintained what I thought was a decent blog. Writing had provided me a therapeutic outlet for whatever thoughts, ideas or questions rattled within my head.

By the time I turned 30, my work life progressed to a new level that left me with less time or desire to write. Months went by where I didn’t write and I eventually took my blog offline.

Now at 33, I’ve got the itch to write again.

I went back and skimmed through the old blog, which is currently archived offline. While I was aware that I am a much different person at 33 than I was at 23, it really became more evident when looking back at some of those old writings. While I realize it is natural for our views to evolve as we get older, I picked up a vibe from my early 20s self that I’m not too proud. I sort of came across as a wannabe know-it-all.

And for that reason, those old blog posts will stay offline. Perhaps some day, I’ll mature a bit more where I can look back at my 20 year old self and find some sort of humor in it. That day won’t be today though. I do look forward to hopefully getting back to some sort of writing and making this a decent blog.

I just hope that when I do reach 40, I don’t look back on this blog with embarrassment of what I wrote while in my 30s.